Merit Assessment - Gap Training
Author: Karolina Windhunter

Recognition of competences, i.e. Merit Assessment - Gap Training.

Gap Training is a way to get Basic Technical Training certificates  - electrics, mechanics and hydraulics - faster, by supplementing your knowledge, skills and experience.

How long does the training take? It depends on the differences! GWO training standards include predefined lesson schedules and learning goals.

A similar training that we have already completed should be compared with the standard, using the matrix created by GWO. The result will show if there is a program difference and whether the training should be carried out, or that there are no differences and the training may be considered compliant with the GWO standard.

To participate in the training, the participant must have certificates issued by Vestas, Siemens or Enercon:

- Vestas Service D

Supplementary training lasts only 60 minutes because the curriculum difference of the training includes only hourly material:
Lesson 5, Use of Manual Tightening and Measuring Tools

- Siemens Level 1-4 (SE-P-07900 Technical Safety Training, SE-P-06100 Bolt, Torque and Tension, SE-P-06000 Basic Turbine Electricity and Hydraulics)

By providing the above certificates, we proceed to differences lasting 4.5 hours, and the material supplemented is only:
Lesson 7, Gearbox
Lesson 8, Braking system
Lesson 9, Yaw System
Lesson 10, Cooling System
Lesson 11, Lubrication System

- Enercon

For this course, completing the material is 14 hours of training - 2 days. It is necessary to approach the full GWO BTT Hydraulics module, which lasts 1 day, and the material from the mechanical and electrical module:

Lesson 6, Electrical Circuits
Lesson 4, The principle of bolted and welded connections
Lesson 5, Use of manual tightening and measuring tools
Lesson 7, Gearbox
Lesson 10, Cooling System
Lesson 11, Lubrication System

After completing Gap Training, certificates are uploaded to the WINDA profile of each participant.

Training standards create safer work and more productive human potential. When more training is standardized, employers can more effectively recognize the importance of a given training and be more confident that quality meets their expectations.

Do you want to check if you can do the Merit Assessment? Contact us!

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