Author: Karolina Windhunter

The current situation in Poland and in the world has caused a reduction in the services offered. As a training provider in the field of safety at work, we not only teach and talk about it but also treat it as a priority for both our employees and our delegates. These 3 weeks of suspended courses have allowed us to produce additional personal protective equipment that will allow us to increase safety during courses.

Windhunter Academy has created protective face shields which:

  • significantly limit the possibility of touching the face involuntarily with your hands
  • can be used with safety helmets - they match the set e.g. with a Petzl helmets
  • can be used repeatedly
  • after disinfection, e.g. with isopropyl alcohol
  • are equipped with reinforced protective glass
  • do not go up when used as intended
  • made mostly of biodegradable materials
  • printed out in 3D technology
  • have the recommendation of Mimed paramedics

As a training center for employees from different parts of the world, we will use helmets in all the courses we offer to provide you with the greatest comfort and safety. In these difficult times, we should support each other and support local businesses.

If you would like to purchase the face shield as an additional safety measure for private purposes as well as for company use, please contact us!

  • Available from just 1 piece
  • Waiting time 24-48h *
  • for larger orders, it is possible to put your own inscription

Contact details:

+48 600 292 132 lub +48 728 477 162

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