Increased security procedure in connection with Coronavirus (CO VID-19)
Author: Karolina Windhunter

Due to the increase of the incidence of Corona-Virus (COVID-19) in Poland, we are taking the security procedure at windhunter academy.

Until now, we have informed our delegates to increase their personal hygiene by washing and decontaminating
hands and also to inform us if they feel worse.

From today 10/03/2020, every delegate who appears at the windhunter academy will have its temperature measured. If it is raised above 38.00, a person will be interviewed about places he/she has been to in the last two weeks. If the elevated temperature is accompanied by other symptoms - cough, shortness of breath and person was in areas where the virus is present will be transported to the isolation hospital in Koszalin.

Additionally, please read the changes introduced by GWO due to the virus:

1. From today until further notice, people who live in endangered areas (link below) and are unable to refresh the GWO certificate due to travel restrictions have an extended time to refresh the certificate within 30 days after the certificate expiring. However, before training, you must contact GWO to extend the certificate.
2. Before starting the training, we inform you about the entire security procedure related to Corona-Virus (COVID-19)
3. During training of GWO First Aid - students will not practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Details available at: = kbxPl4ZTNe5
Countries with increased travel restrictions:

If you have any questions, please contact us.
00 48 660 670 067



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