Results of 2018 surveys
Author: Anna Pączkowska

We would like to present the level of students' satisfaction for 2018 of the GWO training offered by us.

The overall result of all GWO training was 99,06%! We are very proud of this result.

Most of the graduates have emphasized the amazing atmosphere that prevails in our centre. We are very pleased to read such comments!

We have received information that the knowledge gained during our training allowed you to help in life-threatening situations. It gives us great satisfaction and strength for further development.


Each GWO training was assessed separately on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest grade. And so we created a small training ranking:

As in the previous year, Working at Heights was definitely the best, where the level of satisfaction reached 100.26%. And this is not a mistake in the calculation! For another year in a row, this is the only training that students often evaluated on 6 (on a scale of 1 to 5). How this training received such high marks? The participants especially emphasized the professionalism and experience of the instructors, as well as their individual approach to the training participants. They appreciated the diversity of equipment on which the exercises were carried out, the multitude of these exercises and their adjustment to real hazards when working in the wind turbine environment. However, it did not come without criticism. The biggest problem for our students was law regulations part. Gentlemen, it's for your own good! You need to know your rights and the law in the place where you often are. Another factor that provided us with critics was the weather, but we did not have much influence on it - despite the sincere intentions.


Our students in 2018 highly appreciated the Manual Handling, which jumped to second place, reaching the level of 99.28% satisfaction. We are very pleased that the students noticed many advantages in the training, which theoretically is considered a bit boring... However, the survey says: "thank you, you taught me how to take care of the spine". Professional instructor, well-equipped room for practical exercises and appropriately selected theoretical material - these are the greatest advantages of this training.

The third place was given to the Fire Awareness with a score of 99.06%. In this training, everyone liked our smoke chamber the most which reflected the actual hazards at work in the turbine. The professionalism and hands-on the approach of the trainers was a great admirer (all our instructors are professionally active firefighters).

First Aid was rated at 98.88%. This is a very good result. Our instructors were considered the greatest asset to the training. The surveys highlighted their commitment, extensive experience in providing first aid (all are professionally active medical rescuers) and professionalism. The participants of the training often emphasized the realism of the exercises, as well as scenarios adapted to the working environment. A large number of props aroused great recognition. For the weakest point, the participants most often considered too much information. We also think that this training should last longer 😉

Sea Survival, which is the training about the rules of survival at sea, was placed a little lower in our ranking. Considered the most difficult training, the evaluation was influenced by the weather and psychophysical predispositions of the participants. Therefore, the result of 98.56% deserves to be seen! The new location where the practical part of the training was conducted was appreciated. Maritime Port in Darłowo turned out to be a hit! Similar to the real conditions, the boat transfer from rib to the platform, from the raft to rib and many practical exercises evoked a lot of positive emotions! During this training, even the toughest guys showed respect. Thank you all for a responsible attitude during this training!

Thank you also for all the comments! Good ones which bring a smile and satisfaction, as well as words of criticism that are a huge mobilization for us to continue the work! 😊


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