GWO Training for Safety
Author: Ewelina Frank

On November, 28-30, the companies associated with the wind energy industry met in Amsterdam at a series of WindEurope trade fairs and conferences. During that event, the Global Wind Organization organized a mini conference on the future of GWO training in the world. Representatives of the five largest training centers in Europe, including the Windhunter Academy, were invited to participate in the discussion panel. Our company was represented by the managing director - Ewelina Frank.

The conference announced the introduction of new training to the GWO standard. New programes are being developed within following scopes:

  • Blade Repair,
  • Advanced Rescue,
  • Enhanced First Aid in Remote Areas,
  • Electrical Safety,
  • Human Factors,
  • Environmental Awareness.

The introduction of new trainings, especially Advanced Rescue, will increase the requirements for training infrastructure. Windhunter Academy training center meets all the criteria today, so introducing new trainings to the offer will be just a formality.

Moreover, new versions of Basic Safety Training and Basic Technical Training standards were announced.

In April next year, a new version of the WINDA platform will be released, which will give more opportunities to its users. The introduced changes are a response to the comments from the training providers.

The representatives of training centers underlined the issue of dishonest suppliers who underestimate the prices of GWO trainings, which obviously results in the lower quality of services. The Global Wind Organization will do its best to deal with this problem and it will ask training participants to report any irregularities.

It’s going to be a busy year! We hope so! See you in Koszalin!

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